Fords Business Plan Released 0

The motoring world is rapidly changing and a result of this, the companies have to change in order to keep competing by different means. Many companies are investing in electric vehicles, some in autonomous vehicles, some in both; whilst others, are doing them all amongst other things. So, what is the American manufacturing giant Ford planning to do?

Well, Ford has just stated that they will be expanding their business away from just pure manufacturing. At a recent press conference, held by Ford Chairman Bill Ford, the company has stated that they will be creating multiple partnerships and investing heavily this year as a means to expand their business portfolio. Although Ford have released no information in regards to what companies they may soon be making deals with, the companies movement can be guessed. Ford will be looking into different strategies for autonomous vehicles, vehicle and internet connection and different transportation modes (i.e. car sharing like Uber). By investing in companies which focus on these specific criteria, both the smaller or start-up companies and Ford will benefit.


Fords rivals have already been making rather serious movements in this fashion. General Motors (GM) have just invested $500 million in Uber’s ride sharing rival Lyft. Fiat Chrysler on the other hand have just formed a partnership with internet giant Google who are branching into the autonomous vehicle market. Ford therefore has to act quickly to secure suitable partnerships and investments.

Ford is therefore looking to create a unique business strategy which fits in line with the rest of the automotive industry. It must be said that Ford has already announced a new partnership earlier this year with a huge investment in the cloud sharing software company Pivotal. So, we can only expect Ford to announce multiple partnerships throughout 2016.