Ford will make you work for the new GT 0

Ford are channelling Shania Twain when it comes to selling their forthcoming supercar. So you have enough money in the bank to buy the car? That don’t impress them much.

We have previously reported on the almost feverish levels of excitement around the launch of Ford’s newest supercar, and it is now been revealed that Ford are vetting potential buyers of the car in the hopes of seeing that only the most deserving of fans receive the limited edition supercar.

Detroit News are reporting that when the website to apply for one of the in-demand cars opens later this month, hopeful buyers will be met with a somewhat-intensive screening process, similar to how Ferrari currently operates. Apparently. We wouldn’t know. We haven’t tried to buy a Ferrari recently. Only commissioning 250 of these cars annually, with a reported cease in production altogether expected after four years, Ford can be selective about who gets the one.

The questions are expected to ask wannabe buyers how many other Ford vehicles they currently own or have owned in the past, how often they would plan on driving the show and their presence on social media. The questions hope to identify the consumers who have shown loyalty to the Ford brand and those who would actually take the car out for public outings. Ford’s product chief, Raj Nair, said to Detroit News that they want the exclusive cars to be used by people who are “going to care about the car, keep the car, and drive the car” – aka rich collectors who are just looking for an ego boost and a new trophy for their shelf need not apply. Customers are also going to be asked to sign a contract forbidding the sale of the car for an agreed amount of time, blocking the potential for flippers to sell the cars on for a profit. It may seem like hoop-jumping, but once a customer has successfully hoop-jumped Ford promise to make it worthwhile. Promising VIP treatment throughout the final production process, having a certified dealer finalising the purchase and allowing each car to be tailored to the customers desires.

We still know very little about the car, such as when it’ll be on sale and how much it will actually cost, but that hasn’t dampened interest. If you fancy your chances of driving this car, an exclusive, limited-edition unicorn of a car, we suggest preparing some answers in advance to impress Ford. Treat it like a job interview because Ford are not giving these cars away lightly. Don’t call them, they’ll call you.