Ford uses their SYNC system to offer cheaper motor insurance 1

Emerging reports from the United States have confirmed that Ford is set to join forces with State Farm in order to lower the cost of car insurance for motorists. This will be done using Ford’s SYNC In-Car Connectivity System.

Only available to those with Ford’s SYNC system
This will mean that owners of Ford’s equipped with the SYNC system may be able to save a tremendous 40 per cent off their insurance. This will only apply to those who take out a policy with State Farm Drive Safe & Save insurance.

Discount scheme
The discount scheme will have be managed through the annual mileage of each individual driver. On average it is estimated the typical American Driver who travels 1,000 per month will save 10 per cent on their overall premiums.

How Ford’s SYNC system gives you a discount
How does Ford’s SYNC system come into play? A Vehicle Health Report is able to be read off those models that contain the Ford SYNC system. Discounts will be given depending on the reading of the vehicles health.

Ford’s Connected Services Global Director Doug Van Dagens stated “We’re very pleased to be working with State Farm to lower the cost of vehicle ownership for the three million Ford SYNC owners who are driving vehicles with the Vehicle Health Report feature.  SYNC Vehicle Health Report is free for the life of the vehicle, so our customers can qualify for insurance discounts without having to pay a monthly subscription.”

Discounts depend on driver habits
A 5 per cent discount is given to all drivers who join the scheme. All the rest of the discounts depend on the driver’s habits and thereafter. It is really up to the driver how much they are prepared to save.

State Farm are the largest car insurance company in the United States. Ford is the number 2 car manufacturer in the country. Those two facts alone show just why this potential deal has been making all the headlines.

Costs of running a car has dramatically increased over the last decade. Any method of reducing motor insurance is sure to be greatly welcomed by all motorists all over the United States.

State Farm will be able to expand their Drive Safe & Save program across the United States thanks to the deal with Ford.