Ford Transit Connect to become a New York Taxi 1

The New York taxi is as famous and iconic as the London bus. Ford are now attempting to achieve another piece of history by deploying Ford Transit Connect as New York taxis.

This is quite an interesting piece of news from the other side of the Atlantic. There is said to be more than 400 Ford New York Taxi’s to be distributed across the streets, painted in the traditional colours of black and yellow. After receiving the go ahead from the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission in the summer, the project has already started.

It’s not just New York that will get a slice of the new Ford Transit Connect taxi. Other major cities across North America have ordered more than a 1,000 of them already. This represents a sixth of national orders yearly in the USA, with 6,000 being ordered yearly. Fleet companies find the car popular as it is very economical, leaving the running costs to a minimum. The options of running power include compressed natural gas, liquefied propane gas and electric cars too. No wonder the appropriate authorities believed the car would make a great taxi in New York City.

The bodies that contain the strictest rules for taxis are located within Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia. The car is said to have passed the requirements needed for authorisation in those cities. That clearly represents just how safe and green the Ford Transit Connect is.

The new Ford Transit Taxi will have a 2.0 litre engine which will able to produce 136 BHP and achieve 27 MPG on the motorway.

The car is very practical indeed and will make a great taxi. The shape of the car gives away how handy the car is. The roof allows plenty of headspace for passengers with plenty of space within for luggage. The 50.2 inch wide rear doors allow easy access for everyone.

The original Ford Transit is something of an icon in itself over here in the UK. The Ford Transit Connect has been quite successful in the UK too. It’s a modern type of van offering great comfort and advanced technology applied within the car and to the way it was built.