Ford to test the new MyFord Touch 2.0 0

Ford will use around 1,000 of their employees to test a new version of  MyFordTouch before it is released on the company’s 2013 models.

The upgrade to the current software will attempt to address bugs and issues within the current system, which has seen a great number of complaints.

The 1,000 employees in question will all receive a USB Flash drive. The test will be conducted for around a month, with Ford hoping to completely banish the problems which the current system poses.

The new system made simpler

The upgrade is said to make the whole a lot simpler. That will possibly be the main issue, with many users of the current system unhappy with the confusion that the current MyFordTouch system creates. The system will be made to be more reliable and faster.

Upgrade in new models and old

Owners of the 2013 Ford Escape, Ford Taurus and Ford Flex will have the MyFordTouch 2.0 installed into their cars. For those who own one at the moment, a USB flash drive will be sent to all customers who own models that contain the software for them to carry out the upgrade themselves. They can also visit the dealership for the action to be performed, which is expected to be the most likely course of action. The upgrade will be completely free.

Features to be made more advanced

The voice recognition system will be made to be significantly improved along with the system’s phone compatibility, map navigation and destination entry. The original system was so poor that it contributed to Ford’s reliability ratings dipping.

“Real life” testing

Ford have justified their testing method by claiming that it is represents real life testing. We believe that the chosen testing method is a very effective way of discovering whether or not the latest MyFordTouch is effective or not. Employees will record every problem that occurs and will be using the system just how customers would if they were to own a car that holds the system.

Ford certainty needed to do something in order to improve the functionalities of the MyFordTouch system. It was extremely disappointing after being hyped up by the company as a revolutionary way of enhancing the driving experience.

Hopefully Ford can turn it around and improve the systems reputation.