Ford to power the heavy and large Float in America’s Rose Parade 0

Today we report on some interesting news from America where Ford’s powerful 6.8 litre valve V10 engine will be used to power the largest float at the Rose Parade.

The engine is so powerful that it is used to power the American built F Series Super Duty trucks. Ford’s F 650 medium duty truck will assist in helping the float travel around the parade. The truck will have a six speed gearbox transmission.

 About the float

The float itself is the Natural Balance Pet Foods float. It will be shown off at the Tournament of Roses Parade. It’s extremely long, measuring 116 feet from one end to another. The weight of it will be 100,000 pounds, with the 6,600 gallons water helping to increase the floats tremendous weight.

It’s a very interesting float, as it will be a floating beach in essence. The beach characteristics on the float will be complete with waves. This will be utilised through a brand new unique water surfing machine.

Attempting to break a world record

The float is attempting to break a world record. One record is for having the longest float and the other is for the heaviest float. With two world records like that, having a Ford engine to power it is a testament to the company. If the records are indeed broken, it will certainly go down well for Ford’s 6.8 V10 engines reputation.

 Joey Herrick – Not easy task

Joey Herrick, the President of Natural Balance Pet Foods said that attempting to break such records is not easy job. He went on to how happy he was that Ford provided their brilliantly engineered engine. He said  “Trying to set the Guinness record for the World’s longest and heaviest float is no small engineering feet. That’s why I was so happy that Ford is providing the engine and transmission to make sure our over 100,000 pound float will be ok as it rolls down the street for this year’s parade,”

George Weber – A strong versatile and engine

George Weber, the President and CEO of Ford Component Sales stated just how great the engine is, with it providing power to a number of heavy duty vehicles. He said “The Built Ford Tough 6.8-liter V10 is one dependable engine. Over the last decade, it’s powered nearly half a million Ford trucks and vans. Every day, Ford customers across the U.S. use this 10-cylinder workhorse for commerce and recreation, from towing a trailer to a campground to ploughing snowy streets.”

This is a very interesting way of representing the power of what the Ford 6.8 litre V10 engine has.