Ford to Make Cars from CO2? 0

Ford-to-Make-Cars-from-CO2The automotive world has changed so drastically in recent years. So no longer are they stuck in the middle ages. The automotive industry seems to be one of the guiding technological lights in the modern era. From autonomous driving capabilities, to all electric cars, the industry is advancing at an alarming rate. And it seems to be occurring again as Ford now plan to use captured CO2 gases to create plastic, foam and other materials to be used in their cars.

Ford has unsuccessfully been trying this experiment since 2013, but after recently teaming up with the New York based company Novomer, it certainly does look like a possibility that will occur.  The plan is for Ford to capture the CO2 which its company pump into the air and with this, create plastics and foams in their labs. At this moment in time, they have successfully created foams which are 50 percent CO2 and they hope to make this percentage even bigger in the future.

This isn’t the first time that Ford has used recyclable products in their vehicles. They have previously used soy beans, plastic bottles and coconut strands in order to make their vehicles more environmentally friendly. This clearly shows that Ford is a company of the future as they have done and continue to adapt to the consumers demands.

Ford has stated that ‘It’s really been interesting to try and come up with new ways to solve environmental solutions… What’s really cool is all this technology is enabling solutions that even two or three years ago wasn’t possible.’

There is a possibility that this experiment with CO2, plastics and foams may not work out for the American motor company but if it doesn’t, then there will most certainly be other uses for the scientific breakthrough in multiple other industries. Ford has really pushed the boat out this time…