Ford to launch six new models next year 1

vignaleFord are expecting next year to be its busiest for twenty years with six new models set to launch in 2015. These new models will range from typical Ford vehicles all the way up to new generation models designed to bring in a new type of audience.

The Ford Focus arriving first

First we will see the brand new Ford Focus and Focus ST at the start of the year. The Focus is Britain’s third best-selling car, meaning it will come with great expectations. Already the model has been through many changes from technology upgrades to design facelifts. The car will reach out to a wide range of consumer coming with hundreds of different trim options along with a number of different engines to choose from.

The Ford Mondeo coming next

We’ll also see the new Mondeo early next year. An expansive range of the model will be built, with the car coming with 1.0 petrol engines all the way to 4×4 and Vignale (an upmarket model) versions.

The superior Ford Store

A new ‘Ford Store’ module will be created as part of current Ford showrooms. These will be designed to deliver the new Vignale and new Ford Mustang. It is believed that 65 stores out of the company’s 530 across the nation will receive the status. A ‘Ford Store’ will offer superior customer service along with more improved showrooms.

The upmarket Ford Vignale range

Vignale models will be designed to rival the likes of BMW, Audi and Mercedes. Never before have the likes of Ford gone into direct competition with the big luxury German auto makers. Customers who opt for Vignale models will be treated to posh lounges within the ‘Ford Store’ as well as getting to deal with a dedicated Vignale manager.

S-Max and C-Max models

The S-Max and C-Max models will arrive later on in the year in August. Perhaps Ford saved the best till last with the Ford Mustang Coupes and Convertibles arriving in showrooms in November.

On top of that, the Ford Transit will also receive a revamp, celebrating its 50th year.

Will 2015 help Ford propel up to the likes of Volkswagen in terms of worldwide sales?