Ford to introduce new family car to Japan 0

Ford is set to take advantage of the recovering Japanese automotive market by offering a brand new midsize saloon to the country.


They are set to revamp the Ford Fusion and specialise it for other markets around the world. In what is considered quite a surprising move, Ford will give a huge makeover to the Fusion. The model is one of the company’s best sellers in America and is one of the most respected cars on the market. It would appear that the American automotive giants want to ensure that the car is adaptable across the world rather than being purely catered for North America.

The model was so popular that it was the third bestselling vehicle in America last year. Many experts are surprised that the Fusion has gone through a complete overhaul.

One of the most significant changes is the engine options in which the vehicle will offer. These will include a brand new plug-in hybrid engine. Ford claim that the engine will make the car the most economical and fuel efficient family sedan on the planet. Making cars greener is certainly a great way to attract potential new customers, as fuel prices at an all time high across the world.

The news signals that Ford are putting more emphasis into family sedan vehicles. At present it is safe to say that the market is dominated by Japanese automakers. Ford are clearly missing out on a very lucrative section of the market.

Detroit Auto Show

Fans and automotive experts alike can check out the brand new Fusion at the annual Detroit Motor Show on Monday 9th January. The car is sure to receive a great deal of attention thanks to the amount of changes in which it has gone through.

The Detroit Motor Show is a great way to bring new fans and customers on board into Ford’s new vision. Creating more quality and economical green family sedans could be the boost that takes them to the next level.

Can they do it?

Can Ford knock off the likes of the Honda Accord and the Toyota Camry? They have certainly already achieved great success in the family market with smaller cars such as the Ford Focus. Now it is a better time than ever to overtake the dominate Japanese automakers.