Ford to increase the EcoBoost Vehicle Production Capacity 0

This year Ford are said to be planning to increase their vehicle production capacity of the Ford Triple EcoBoost. The fuel efficient EcoBoost (TM) engines are set to be installed into 11 different models this year. In 2011 that number was just four. In effect this triples the amount of Ford EcoBoost engines to be produced.

It is one of the most desirable engines throughout the automotive industry. Now plenty of drivers will get to experience the amazing benefits of fuel economy as well as a wholly wonderful drive.

20 % better

Ford estimate that the EcoBoost engine can deliver 20 % better economy than a typical engine. Turbo charging combined with a gasoline direct injection helps to deliver a great economical performance.

Sue Cischke – Commitment to green technology

The Ford Group Vice President for Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering Sue Cischke said that Ford as a company want to deliver great economy to their customers. He said “EcoBoost expansion and availability in high-volume nameplates such as the all-new Ford Escape and Fusion will take this affordable, fuel-saving technology to the heart of the market. Ford is committed to delivering class-leading fuel economy for our customers, which benefits the environment and helps the U.S. move toward greater energy independence.”

9 models offering 40 MPG +

In total Ford will offer 9 models that achieve 40 miles per gallon or more in North America.

Triple Production

In total, 127,883 vehicles holding the EcoBoost engines were sold last year. With an increase of x 3 in capacity, Ford will have one of the best selling engines on their hands.

Ford Escape and Ford Fusion

The popular Ford Escape, one of the most popular bulk selling vehicles in North America, will receive the 1.6 litre EcoBoost engine.  It will also be offered in the Ford Fusion.

Ford Taurus

The Ford Taurus will have a choice of two engines, the time the model has received such a choice. The EcoBoost four cylinders will come with 237 BHP whilst offering 31 MPG. This shows that there is a great balance of economy and performance.