Ford to build electric engines in China 0

News from the automotive industry has reported that Ford is considering developing electric engines in China with the assistance of a partner.This looks like another attempt by one the biggest automotive manufactures to create engines that don’ cause their drivers too much money to run and are not as harmful to the environment too.  Ford has said to expect cars to have more hybrids and plug in hybrid technology with cars running on pure electricity too in the near future.

Although the electric engines will be developed in China, they are planned to be installed in Ford cars all over the world.

Governments and powerful leaders all over the world are constantly thinking of ways to protect the environment and saving consumers paying so much on fuel. There is certainly a problem, with the high prices running people off the road and the car pollution causing more problems than ever.

China itself aims to have 1 million electric powered vehicles by the middle of the decade. It would seem that electric vehicles would be especially beneficial in a country like China, where an over congestion of cars throughout its roads is notorious all over the world. So bad in fact that at one point during the Beijing Olympics in 2008, the Government resorted to only allowing drivers with certain registration plates on the road one day and others on the road the next.

On another note, the company are hoping to further expand their horizons in the other side of the scale. Ford are said to have been spending around $1.6 billion in China, with four new factories being developed. The plan is to release around 15 brand new models by 2015. Future forecasts show that luxury car demand within the country is set to soar. Ford has considered launching their luxury division of cars Lincoln. Will they eventually contain electric engines? Can a large luxury car really run on electricity and not compromise the driving experience? No announcements have made as to whether Lincoln cars will be made with electric engines or any fuel saving type of engine.

Some may be sick of hearing of fuel efficient engines being developed, but they are the future. Expect  news about electric engines very soon from us and the automotive industry in general.

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