Ford to begin production of the 2012 Ford Focus Electric 0

Ford is announcing the exciting news of the new Ford Focus electric being reduced. As if the current Ford Focus wasn’t friendly enough to the environment, the electric version of the car will produce zero carbon emissions! That’s sure to bring down tax bills and congestion charges.

The news has sent excitement to fans right across the automotive industry, as per usual with updates to the highly successful Ford Focus.

Ford claim that the car will be the first ever 5 seater vehicle to achieve a 100 MPG fuel rating. That’s quite an impressive statistic which will come as great news to potential owners, with fuel prices ridiculously high at the moment.

Charging convenience

The company have also worked on a fast and efficient way of charging the vehicle, with a couple of car manufacturers attempting to provide convenience when carrying out such a task.  The car will be charged at a 240 volt charging station. In order for the vehicle to fully charge, it will take approximately three to four hours which is a considerable amount of time less than what it would take to charge the Nissan Leaf.

Better value for money

The news has been announced in America, meaning the country’s currency values have been applied to the statistics of what Ford has announced. They have said that it will cost the driver just $2.10 to drive 80 miles, which is based on the estimation of the car averaging $3.30 per kilowatt-hour. This sounds extremely cheap compared what the company estimate a normal vehicle would achieve. The company stated that a 30 MPG vehicle would cost $8.80 for the same journey based on the car costing $3.30 per gallon.

Not all about the performance

As you may expect, the car will not be able to drive at lightning pace. The top speed will be 84 MPH. This won’t be a problem for perspective buyers who will not seek great performance figures.

The car is expected to be released across America gradually. New York and California are expected to be the first to receive the vehicle with it eventually expanding to other markets. We hope that it will come to the UK as many will certainly be interested in purchasing the most economical version of the leading family car.