Ford to add 7000 jobs in the USA 0

This week there has been some very encouraging news for the currently struggling American automotive industry. The world’s largest economy is set to receive a tremendous boost in order to revive its fortunes thanks to Ford.

At present Ford is the second largest automotive manufacturer in the USA and employ 75,000 people throughout the country.  Are they set to further increase that number?

Ford is predicting that another recession will be avoided over the upcoming two years. This may come as surprising to many as some have anticipated that there will be a double dip recession within the same time period.

Alan Mulally, the President and CEO of Ford Motors  said “We’re still seeing economic expansion. It is relatively less than we’ve had following previous recessions. But clearly the recession we went through is the worst that we’ve had since the depression, so we’re very encouraged by the recovery.”

This will come as great news to the President Barack Obama. It is well known that unemployment rates in the country are at an embarrassingly low figure. Job creation for the country is one of the most important agendas for re-election next year in 2012.

There has also been talk of the company eventually creating a total of 10,000 automotive jobs in the USA and are in talks with the United Auto Union. However details of this specific detail hasn’t been released as of yet as it is still at very early stages.

Progress overseas not just in the USA

The company are also set to step up their operations overseas too. Alan Mulally claimed that they are continuing their growth and expansion over Asia. This may come as a surprise to some as markets in China and India’s automotive industry is growing a lot slower than the American market. The overall target is to boost worldwide sales by 2015 to 8 million, which represents a 50% increase.

Ford truly believes that the American automotive industry has been through its worst period and things can only get better. During the recession they were the only American car company to avoid recession. Their finances appear to be very healthy at present. Earlier this year we reported that Ford has made a record profit . With them set to add a huge number of jobs of North America, prospects certainly look very promising for the company as well as the worldwide automotive industry.