Ford SYNC finally coming to Europe 0

In all previous articles we have written about Ford SYNC technology, we have always mentioned that we would love to see it arrive in the UK. It seems as if our wishes have come true with the upcoming Ford B-Max the first vehicle to receive the technology.

We get the tried and tested Ford SYNC

The Ford SYNC in car connectivity system has made a great impact in America. Recently it has experienced some problems but seem to have been fixed. UK and the rest of Europe will receive a properly working and efficient system after being “tested” to some extent in America.

Geneva Motor Show

Fans who cannot wait will get to see the system when the Ford B-Max compact multipurpose vehicle is debuted at the Geneva Motor Show.

Connect your phone and music player

What exactly does the Ford SYNC system actually do? It allows motorists to connect to devices such as their mobile phone as well as their music players within the car. Many customers will find this option very attractive. It is also free to use for life. This will be another great feature when comparing rival systems within other cars.

Text whilst driving – the safe way

A major problem with the UK automotive industry is that of drivers becoming distracted and texting whilst driving. Despite a hefty penalty coming with such an offence along with points off of your license, many continue to disobey the law. However Ford’s SYNC system can counter that, by reading out text messages for you. Responses are made easy with a choice of 15 pre-selected messages to send out.

Emergency Assistance

Quick Emergency Assistance is also available. This will alert the emergency services immediately if an accident takes place. This will naturally make everything a lot easier to deal with. As mentioned earlier the SYNC system is adapted to Europe. This means that if you were to crash in Europe, the correct language for the region is used in order to contact the emergency services. This is all only initialised if the fuel pump cut off is activated or if an airbag is activated.

The Ford B-Max is a larger Fiesta

The Ford B-Max is based on the Ford Fiesta. The B-Max offers that bit extra practicality whilst being just as economical as a typical Ford Fiesta.

The special Ecoboost engine

The Ford SYNC is not the car’s major selling point. That will be the brand new 1.0 litre Ecoboost engine, which delivers a very satisfactory performance as well as being extremely economical