Ford strategy for a more sustainable process 0

Ford hope to cut landfill waste by a staggering 70 % in just five years across the European region. This coincides with plans to reduce water usage by 30 % too (As reported by us on the 5th January – Ford aim to reduce water usage for car production

Cutting down on the water usage will save 30 % and save costs of an estimated $2.3 million. That 30 % figure equates to a saving of 1 billion litres of water.

Marketing strategy

This five year strategy is a bid not only to save money but to also significantly improve the company’s reputation when it comes to eco friendliness. Following the likes of Volkswagen with their “Think Blue” campaign this could really prove to be a tremendously effective marketing campaign.

Stephen Odell – links in to fuel efficient car production

Stephen Odell, the Chairman and CEO of Ford Europe said that the new environmental strategy links into the company’s plans to work with fuel efficient vehicles.

“This plan represents our pledge to minimise Ford’s impact on the environment both before and after our customers get behind the wheel. This goes hand in hand with our commitment to develop the most fuel efficient vehicles. Sustainability makes just as much sense for Ford as a business as it does for the environment.”

Dagenham plant

Ford have already made great progress right here in the UK with the Dagenham plant slowly cutting down on the water usage throughout the factory. A specific environmental team at the factory have made it their objective to meet the new Ford European initiative. The tremendous amount of 85 % is currently recycled of all wastage produced yearly. Last year in the Dagenham Ford plant there was 5,937 tonnes of waste which really puts into perspective how great the figures are. The remaining 15 % goes towards landfill. One project in which they are currently working on is an ‘Oil Reclamation’ which aims to get rid of that remaining 15 % of waste.

From the production of each vehicle, Ford aim to reduce the amount of average landfill waste used by 1.5 kg. When comparing that particular figure to last year, that is cut down by 3.5 kg from 5 kg. If that was to happen, it would certainly represent a major achievement for the company.

Can Ford really make it happen?