Ford says autonomous tech won’t kill the driver’s car 0

Ford-says-autonomous-tech-wont-kill-the-drivers-carDespite their heavy and widely publicised investment into autonomous cars technology, Ford has pledged not to abandon the driver’s car.

“Autonomous is a spectrum of technologies with assisted driving, like adaptive cruise control, at one end and full hands-off driving at the other,” said Sheryl Connelly, the company’s futurologist. “We remain fully committed in future to building enthusiast’s cars. There are some models where autonomous makes sense and others where it does not.”

Research carried out by the company has pointed towards a wide geographical variation in enthusiasm for self-driving technology. India and China are at the forefront, with 84% of respondents in India and 78% in China being favourable about it in a survey. The main factors for this are said to be general congestion on their roads, and the difficulty of learning to drive.

The US is less supportive with 40% behind the technology; the UK less still at 30%.

Autonomous driving technology is expected to be a future transport lifeline for the elderly and teenagers.

Full hands-off self-driving could allow teens to move around cities and remote rural areas safely as an alternative to public transport.

“Parents might prefer to have their teens in a self-driving car than in an Uber being driven by a stranger,” said Connelly.

Various scientists believe the first human to live to 150 years old is already living amongst us, “Autonomous vehicles could be a wonderful solution for an aging population. Today, people retire by 65. That might be only a third of their life in the future. How are they going to get around?”

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