Ford Sales in September 0

Sales of Ford vehicles within the American car industry have surprisingly fallen in September. The same goes for main rivals General Motors. Chrysler sales on the other hand have increased. Overall the statistics for America’s car sales were strong despite the two leading companies faltering.

Ford’s sales were 0.1% worse off than September 2011. General Motors’ sales had increased by 1.5 per cent when compared to the same period. Both results were needless to say, below what both companies were originally expected.
Sales of the Chrysler Company had increased by 12 per cent compared to September 2011. That beat original expectations from the companies and helped them to record one of their strongest ever months in the last four years.

From January to September of 2011, sales had had a figure of 13.1 million. This year experts believe that the situation has improved in 2012 with sales reaching a potential 14.5 million. That would represent the best sales since the Government car scrappage scheme back in 2009.
Customer confidence is slowly being regained with banks willing to give out loans on cars to more customers. In total Chrysler managed to sell 142,041 in September alone.

Fiat’s brands of Jeep, Ram, Dodge, Chrysler and Fiat reported sale increased for the 30th consecutive month. Reid Bigland, the CEO of Dodge released a statement saying that “Going forward with our current product line up, record low interest rates and a stable U.S. economy, we remain optimistic about the health of the U.S. new vehicle sales industry and our position in it.”

For Fiat, this represents a stark contrast when compared to the European Region. Mass car sellers are struggling with Euro Zone crisis severely affecting the European car market. The worries have left a sour taste at the Paris Motor Show this month.

The Dodge Avenger saloon recorded an 89 per cent increase of sales this September when compared to the same month in 2011.The Dodge Journey crossover saw its sales increase by 41 per cent with the Grand Caravan Minivan sales were up by 32 per cent. The Dodge Dart saw its unit sales increase by 72 per cent. Overall the Dodge brand recorded an increase in sales of 18 per cent.

Ford is one of the biggest worries in the European region. They are expected to lose around £630 million this year and are already preparing to make cuts. The last thing they needed was for their performance to fall in their home country of America. Will Ford sales improve next month