Ford sales in Europe grow 17 percent 0

Af-ford-able Ford’s bring in the riches.

Ford Motor Co. revealed their new vehicle sales figures in Europe had leapt 17% in February this year, defying statistics and overtaking the auto industry’s growth across Europe.


Across all 50 European markets, Ford sold a reported 104,500 vehicles during the month. Ford’s own sales growth far exceeded industry growth, the company have said in their statement, and Ford saw a market share increase of 0.4 percent to 7.3 percent. In their 20 most prominent markets, the auto maker sold 91,700 vehicles, an 18 percent increase from the year prior. Across all 50 European markets, Ford’s yearly sales total so far has reached 209,800, up 12.5 percent compared with industry growth of 6.5 percent. With total yearly (so far) vehicle sales of 188,700 in the 20 main European markets, Ford have claimed that it has been the best sales record for a combined January and February period since 2010, as well as overtaking industry growth by an estimated three percent.

“Ford of Europe is off to a very fast start to 2016 and we are growing even faster than the industry,” Roelant de Waard, Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Service at Ford of Europe is quoted as saying. “We are growing and gaining market share with our fresh cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles, and — unlike much of the industry — we are pulling back from rental car sales and dealer self-registrations that can erode brand value and residuals.”

Going on from here, Ford plans to stop production of their lower performing models and refocus on higher-profit cars and sport-utility vehicles to compete better in Europe, a market notoriously oversaturated and competitive. The company plans to launch several new and revamped models this year, including the new Kuga and Edge SUVs, a Focus RS performance hatch, and an upgraded Range pick-up. Ford predicts SUV sales to grow more than 30 percent this year, and to surpass 200,000 units sold in Europe for the first time.

Things are certainly going well for Ford. With sales up, shares up and morale up, we imagine the makers of the Fiesta are having themselves a little fiesta.