Ford reveals interesting and weird car tech ideas 0

Ford-reveals-interesting-and-weird-car-tech-ideasMost car makers are investing huge amounts of time and money into the development of smarter, self sufficient vehicles, but it’s fair to say that not all automotive innovations need a complete overhaul of the car’s systems. In many cases, the car itself doesn’t even necessarily need to be changed. Nowhere is this truer than at Ford, where they have founded the “Further with Ford” program. The company have challenged their talented teams of designers and engineers to create new, working prototypes aimed at making drivers’ lives easier. The program has already seen the birth of experiments such as Carr-E, Phone As Car, and On the Go H20.

Carr-E has most probably taken its inspiration from Wall-E (check Pixar’s back catalogue if you’re not familiar) in that it resembles a vacuum cleaner twinned with a hover board, yet with a design that still resembles a car. The basic idea is that Carr-E will ferry you that last distance between your car and the front door of the building you have driven to. It can also transport a sizable amount of baggage.

Out of the three, it’s Phone As Car that has the least revealing name. It also happens to be the hardest idea to explain. The idea is that it provides passengers with a connection to a Ford car’s SYNC system without having to pair with it by Bluetooth. The passenger’s Smartphone app uses open source protocols to connect with the driver’s Smartphone which, in turn, is the one directly connected to SYNC. What happens then is the most interesting bit. With the connection, passengers on ride sharing services will be able to control certain parts of the car, like radio and climate controls. This would obviously be useful if driver and passengers don’t speak the same language. Passengers can simply type in text which would be translated into the driver’s language.

Last, but not least is On the Go H20. It’s the most ecologically themed idea of the bunch. Addressing the need for water, both for the car’s passengers and the world in general, the system collects converts and purifies the condensation from a car’s air conditioning system into potable, drinkable water.

Still firmly in the development stages, these ideas may become reality in the future, but it’s further examples of Ford Motors moving away from the label of being merely a car-maker.

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