Ford recalls over 381k vehicles for six separate issues 0

Ford Motor Company announced last Wednesday that it would be recalling various models in their range due to several different problems, with one being a second recall to fix the first repair job. These recalls are only affecting customers in the US and Canada, and a minor number in Mexico.


In 2010, around 500,000 Windstar minivans were recalled because of a fault in the rear axles. It was said that corrosion could cause the axles to crack and possibly lead to a crash. To fix these, the axles were either replaced or a reinforcement bracket was fitted. It’s now being reported that some brackets may not have been installed correctly.

Ford revealed last Wednesday that it is again recalling the Windstar minivans, 342,271 to be exact, to inspect the brackets. Dealers will look at the previous repair and if the brackets were not installed correctly, owners will get brand new rear axles. But, if the brackets were installed correctly, Ford will not repair or replace the parts. Instead, the company is encouraging customers to have the axles replaced with an incentive; they’ll pay $300 towards the cost.

ford windstar minivan

The fact that Ford is encouraging drivers to replace these parts is evidence enough that this is the only real solution to fix the damaged components. Car owners in the US have noted that the average cost of replacing rear axles is around $1000, so Ford aren’t even meeting their customers half way.

The company also announced that 36,857 F-150 pickups will be recalled to fix an issue with the adaptive cruise control system, which automatically brakes to prevent a crash. The models in question are all from 2015. Ford has stated that large reflective trucks can trigger the sensor inside the system, causing the car to slow down or brake to avoid a collision, despite the shiny truck driving in the opposite lane and not posing a potential threat. There has been one known crash but no injuries. A simple software fix should treat this problem.

ford f-150 pickup

1,477 of the 2016 F-53 and F-59 models, all in the US, are being recalled to fix a manufacturing defect that could allow drivers to shift into reverse without applying the brakes first. There haven’t been any reported accidents because of this.

Another manufacturing issue covers 708 of the 2016 Fusion and Lincoln MKZ models, this time affecting the fuel tank. In the event of a crash the tank may crack. The possible cracking is due to being improperly manufactured and will be fixed by replacing the entire tank in all the vehicles affected in the US, Canada and Mexico. Ford is also repairing fuel tank attachment bolts on 251 of the 2015 Taurus and Lincoln MKS models. The dealers will tighten the bolts in these cases and the car should be fine after that.

Lastly, the company is recalling 70 Escape and Mercury Mariner models, all from 2001-2008, because the bolt holding the shift control lever may not be tight enough. The bolts will be tightened to prevent the gearstick coming out of the gearbox unexpectedly.


It’s been a big month for recalls in the car industry. Ford and its competitors are worrying about what affect the Volkswagen emissions scandal will have on their diesel sales numbers and big recalls like this aren’t helping to keep the automotive industry in a positive light.



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