Ford recalls 525,000 vehicles 0

It would seem that plenty of auto manufacturers are making mistakes in production and recalling record numbers of cars. Ford is the latest to do so. The company have recalled 525,000 vehicles due to safety fears. The vehicles in questions can apparently catch fire and suffer from power loss problems. 425,000 of the vehicles being recalled are in America. No cars are currently on the UK car market.

Ford Escape

Ford will recall 270,000 Escape vehicles for the 2001 – 2002 generation. The exact reasoning is due to the vehicle potentially having a fire risk. Ford has advised owners not to park their car in their garages until the car has been fixed properly. 274,368 Escape vehicles are being recalled due to the anti-lock brake system failing thanks to a fault with the electrical connector. The parts needed in order to fix the problem may not be available for a couple months according to Ford, which is sure to frustrate owners further.

Back in April 2007 Ford recalled the 2001 – 2004 produced Ford Escapes in order to repair the wiring harness connector within the ABS module electronic control unit. There may not have been an appropriate greasing procedure during the recalls with some SUV’s not being inspected properly.

Freestars and Montereys

251,065 Ford recalls involve Ford Freestars and Mercury Montereys, as they have a faulty torque convertor which can potentially lead to a dramatic power loss. The models involved are the 2004 – 2005 generation.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration undertook an investigation into fires within Ford Escapes that were recalled. 86 fires were reported. Ford consequently recalled and fixed appropriately.

Ford have said the reasoning behind the recall was due to the car’s brake fluid leaking, which could potentially start a fire as the actual fluid drips onto an ABS module electrical connector.

Daniel Pierce, Ford’s spokesman has said parts will be delivered as soon as possible. He released s statement which read “While the reservoir cap that will be used for this repair is already available, other parts necessary to complete the repair are not available yet. We are working closely with our suppliers to accelerate all part availability,”