Ford Recalls 48,700 Vehicles 0

Ford Recalls 48,700 VehiclesFord India has just issued a recall that affects 48,700 vehicles across the country. Although this figure can be split in two, it is still a huge recall that may be detrimental to the company in their attempt to dominate the Indian motor market.

At this moment in time, Ford is the seventh largest automotive company in the Indian market. But, after having to recall around 48,700 of their EcoSport crossover SUV’s, will the company be hugely affected? The EcoSport crossover is also the company’s bestselling car, having sold over 40,000 in the last financial year. The vehicle could sell much better than it already does but a result of multiple recalls in the last few years, may have stunted this.

The first recall affects 48,000 EcoSport SUV’s. The recall has been issued as there needs to be a new bundle clip installed on the fuel and brake lines. The recall will affect vehicles made between 2013 and 2014. The second recall therefore affects 700 vehicles and their seats. It has been claimed that a non-Ford specific bolt was used on the 60/40 seats. The result of the non-Ford specific bolt may therefore be damage. This time round however, the vehicles affected were produced between January and February 2016.

There were roughly 20,700 EcoSport units recalled in 2014 as a result of a faulty fuel line. Even more recent however was the recall of multiple Figo and Figo hatchbacks. But luckily for the company there have been no customer complaints, no accidents and no injuries caused as a result of these defects. The recall has been issued by Ford India as a precaution and all repair work shall be completed free of charge.

Ford have had real problems with their vehicles to date, hopefully this recall will be their last in India for a long while.