Ford patent smartphone game control for driverless cars 0

Many of us are familiar with smartphone car racing games where we tilt the screen to steer the car. A new patent recently obtained by Ford may see this tech being used to control real vehicles.

Well, kind of. It’s been widely publicised that many of the driverless cars of tomorrow won’t have steering wheels. This naturally begs the question, how do the human occupants of the vehicle take control in the event of an emergency?

Ford think they may have solved this via a number of ingenious little solutions, both via a system that allows a smartphone to connect with the vehicle’s artificial intelligence. Users could either tilt the screen to control the car, as in games such as Real Racing 3 and many others. Alternatively, another method is being developed where users could change the direction by moving their finger over a virtual steering wheel on the screen.

Driverless technology is still very much up in the air, with no 100% clear direction on exactly how future cars will function. These two new patents are not a clear statement of intent by Ford, merely an exploration into possibilities.


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