Ford Paid $200,000 for a Used Tesla Model X 0

Ford-Paid-$200,000-for-a-Used-Tesla-Model-XYes, you heard it right. Ford just spent almost $200,000 to buy a used Tesla Model X. This is an absolutely huge sum of money for a brand new vehicle which as of yet, is still having quite big teething problems. So, why did Ford spend $55,000 more than the asking price in order to get Tesla’s all electric SUV as quick as possible?

Well the answer is, believe it or not, extremely straight forward. Well at least we think so. It is believed that Ford bought the vehicle for the huge sum of money for a specific reason, research. With the all electric car being the way of the future, and Tesla’s huge advance in this field, it is no surprise that Ford wants to catch up and as fast as possible. This also comes at a time when the battery lives of Ford’s vehicles have been so poor as to date. But not only this, Ford have also promised to ensure that their batteries will be much better and with time running out on this promise, how will they do it?

This is not a special occasion in the automotive world. The buying of a rival’s car is a recurring theme as many company’s look to study technology and manufacturing techniques from each other. And with limited time left and a huge stigma surrounding emission recently, it is no surprise that Ford is using the vehicles produced by Tesla as a means to advance their own electric vehicle studies.

Furthermore, there is a mandate set to hit America in 2025 which enforces that a corporate fleet must have an average of 54.5 mpg. So to combat this, Ford will be investing a rumoured $4.5 billion into electric vehicle research in an attempt to manufacturer around 13 different all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to showrooms globally by 2020. Having Tesla’s Model X may be the key for the company to achieve this goal…