Ford Number 1 in Canada yet again 0

Ford has topped the Canadian sales charts once again. For second consecutive year, Ford Canada has beaten every other vehicle producer.

The American automotive giants managed to increase their sales by 3 % last year over 2010. The total sales figure equated to 275,978 units.

The truck sector

The Ford F Series pickup truck was instrumental in helping the company secure that number one spot. For the second year in a row it was the second bestselling vehicle in the whole of Canada.

The truck sector of the Canadian automotive industry has in particular experienced recent growth.  The Vice President of Ford Canada, Scott Cauvel released a statement saying how “Full-sized trucks are experiencing record-breaking sales in Canada,”

December sales down despite being number one

Although Ford managed to top the sales chart during December of last year by selling 19,381 cars, they actually sold half a percent less than the previous year.

Number 1 again next year?

Ford insiders as well as many other automotive experts expect the Canadian automotive industry to grow next year. Ford has another fantastic opportunity to regain their number one spot. They seemed to have catered their line-up towards the demand in Canada perfectly, as their truck sales will pay testament to.

General Motors Number 2

General Motors slipped behind and took the number two spot for vehicle sales in Canada. The company sold 242,830 cars which is just 1.7 % lower than 2010. The reasoning behind this was due to automotive market in the country being very competitive, according to the General Motors Canada CEO Kevin Williams.

Chrysler Number 3

There was good news for America’s third biggest auto manufacturer Chrysler. They reported their best sales since 2002 with sales in the country. The company were the number one market share gainer in the country for the second consecutive year.  Their sales totalled 230,992 which represent an increase of 13 %. They were placed in third position behind General Motors in terms of overall sales. Many experts believe that Chrysler could do one better next year and pip General Motors for that Number 2 spot. They are the fastest growing automotive company in the country and promise a better line up for 2012. Not many would argue that they can’t better General Motors next year.