Ford Mustang suffers a bizarre car park crash 0

Ford-Mustang-suffers-a-bizarre-car-park-crashGently bumping your car into another vehicle when you’re parking is something many people will have accidently done, whether they admit to it or not. If it’s at low speed, chances are no damage will be done.

So quite how this Ford Mustang got wedged atop a Toyota Carolla is anyone’s guess. In a video currently doing the rounds on social media, a group of bystanders stand chatting whilst behind them the Ford Mustang sits perched on top of the Carolla, its nose pointing defiantly into the air.

The accident happened in the car park of Ralph’s supermarket in California. The cameraman takes a wander round the crash site which reveals surprisingly little damage to the Mustang. The Toyota on the other hand, has a smashed windscreen.

The presence of a branch, lodged into its front bumper would suggest foliage most likely played some part in the shunt before the Mustang fell onto the white saloon.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the shunt but the cause of the accident remains unknown. For a car to be thrown into the air this extremely, whilst in a car park, would suggest an accidental use of the accelerator rather than the brake.

The car’s owner however, is yet to shed any light on the Mustang’s acrobatics.

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