Ford Mondeo 1993-2000 Review 0

We look at the Ford Mondeo model which paved the way for today’s successful variants. The 1993-2000 is almost iconic in its own right. In this article we’ll highlight what we believe are the car’s best features.

The drive

The older Ford Mondeo’s offers a great and comfortable ride. It’s so good that to this day it would be on par with a couple of other models currently available on the market.

Over uncomfortable road surfaces, the car soaks it all in pretty well for everyone not to feel uneasy. Providing a smooth firm ride is something which many of the car’s rivals fail to produce. The steering is quite responsive with the offering pretty good handling for a family car.

We can see exactly why the current Ford Mondeo is one of the best family cars for offering a great drive.


The car has plenty of space within for everyone to sit in great comfort. Leg and headroom is offered in abundance. The boot allows space for luggage and quite a bit of shopping.

Naturally the Estate version offers a lot more practicality, with a larger size boot.

Different variants

Altogether there are 21 models offered for both the hatchback and the estate versions. If you want low running costs, diesels are certainly your best bet with some of them offering around 40 MPG.

Expert reviewers have said the 1.8 litre petrol is perhaps the best choice overall for balancing great performance along with economical costs.


Just like the Mondeo of today, there is plenty of equipment offered, some of which were quite rare for those days. Depending on the type of model you get, there were leather seats offered, wood trimming, and cruise control along with CD changers. Air conditioning is becoming something of a standard feature amongst most cars nowadays. For that reason we recommend that you select a model made after 1998 where air conditioning was standard.


As we may have mentioned a few times already, it’s obvious to see how the car has been so successful and has reached further generations, with it still being produced.

The older Ford Mondeo was a great car and still considered by many as a great car today.