Ford makes a positive impact in Cleveland 0

Today we report some great news regarding Ford’s operations in Cleveland. A third shift will be introduced at the Engine Plant in May of this year.

This is where the new special Ford EcoBoost engine is set to be built. As it’s time of release and demand is getting closer and is also increasing, the Cleveland Engine Plant is set to increase the job shifts. This will also mean greater job security for the staff at the plant.  The whole community now have something to be happy about according to Ford.

Ford’s input into the economy

The demand may increase by more than 200,000. It is really no wonder that Ford are looking to bring in more shift time to the plant. According to Ken Czubay, Ford’s Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Service, there are 7,200 workers hired in Northeast Ohio with Ford helping to add $3 billion into the economy.

The Ford Ecoboost

The Ford Ecoboost has a splendid mix of both power and economy from it’s six cylinder engine. Since the engines first sale in January 2011, it is now dominant within the F-150, which is a best seller within it’s particular category. There is now no need for an eight cylinder, which would have proven to be less economical. The new Ford Ecoboost engines have cause great excitement across the automotive industry.

Ford’s transfer of projects from Mexico

Ford’s Ohio assembly plants will receive $128 million as part of an improvement scheme. Production of the Ford F-650 and the Ford F-750 will take place. It has been transferred over from Ford’s Escobedo plant in Mexico. This was part of Ford’s deal to prevent workers from going on strike earlier last year.

Econoline range to stop

The Cleveland plant will stop producing the Econoline line up by 2014 it has been announced. However new projects for medium sized trucks will mean that employees will mean that the majority of people will keep their jobs.

Transit to replace the E-Series

As part of Ford’s radical shake up, the E-Series will be replaced by the Ford Transit. Ford’s Kansas City Assembly plants will the area for the van to be made. It is estimated that Ford will inject a huge $1 billion into the assembly plant.

Effectively Ford’s partnership with Navistar International will be ended, where there is a deal for trucks to be built in Mexico.