Ford limited edition Hurricane Endeavour SUV 0

Ford are releasing a limited edition Hurricane Endeavour in India. It is a timely invention with it coinciding with Diwalli, the biggest festival in the country. Will Ford’s way of cashing in work?

Every year, residents who celebrate the Diwalli festival purchase new cars as a way of celebrating. What would attract residents to purchase the vehicle?

The car will be a limited edition one with an array of exceptional components.

There is a set to be a wonderful looking chrome exhaust added. This will make the car stand out and give off a feeling of power towards the vehicle too. The front bar will also come as a new feature, making the car look a lot more intimidating.

What’s inside that makes the car special? There will a touch screen within the car that allows the driver to access the car’s entertainment system. A built in DVD player with a camera for the rear of the car adds to the brilliant features that are offered.

The element of safety is also something that will be widely focused upon within the Hurricane Endeavour SUV’s marketing strategy. It’s a major attribute within that has been enhanced for the special edition, making the car excellent value for money.

A Duratorq TDCi diesel engine will be installed under the bonnet. It will offer 156 BHP of power with 380Nm of torque. There will be a five speed automatic gearbox too.

Ford is also trying to rebuild the Hurricane Endeavour reputation after its recent minor downfall. The Chevrolet Captiva and the Toyota Fortuner competed with the car and didn’t help its cause much. However overall it is the country’s leading SUV vehicle. It is a class leader in terms of offering comfort, practicality, fuel efficiency and driving experience, according to many experts.

In terms of looks, the car stands out on the road and has a wonderful presence.

The changes made with the special edition are certain to rebuild the vehicle’s reputation once again if there were any doubts.

Coming at quite a competitive price and with it being a very popular vehicle, we believe the Hurricane Endeavour will be one of the best sellers in the Indian festive season. Who wouldn’t be proud to own one?