Ford Know Where Their SUV’s are Going… 0

Ford is now aware of where their SUV’s are going after a recent study undertaken by the company has showed them. The SUV which was once claimed the title of the king of a very niche market in Europe, has grown rapidly in the last few years. Now, there are specific groups who are primarily interested in a SUV rather than any other model available.


The three groups that are most interested in the SUV are ‘modern mums’, ‘millennials’ and ‘quintastics’. These three groups make up the main market and for all different reasons too. According to Ford, one in three modern mums considers buying an SUV, whilst one in four millennials, and one in five quintastics do too. So the SUV has changed and therefore, people’s perceptions of it have too. They are no longer gas guzzling, environmentally unfriendly, luxury vehicles but instead, the varieties and models make up the car which everyone wants to own.

So what does everyone want? Well, modern mums look for family safety which has been the SUVs best selling point then secondly, driving capabilities in adverse weather capabilities. Millennials on the other hand, equate the SUV with the way they look. Millennials believe that they look good in an SUV whilst also believing that the SUV holds a lot of sex appeal. Lastly, quintastics believe that a high driving position alongside the off road capabilities that the SUV possesses, are the most important factors for the decision to purchase the vehicle.

Ford is hoping to sell 200,000 SUVs in Europe this year. The company also want to sell 60,000 in the UK. If this is accomplished then they would have increased their sales by 200 percent since 2013. It is an impressive statistic and good target to hit, and with the company now having specific markets to aim at, expect to see even more SUVs on the road.