Ford Invests in Tech Firm… 0

Ford-Invests-in-Tech-FirmEvery motoring company wants to have the edge in the automotive world. But, the edge can and has been many things. The edge could be speed, weight or battery range but many companies today, are edging closer towards giving the drivers of their vehicles the best possible customer experience possible. Smartphone’s are basically small computers now and they can be instrumental in the running and maintenance of our cars. An example of this is Vauxhall’s popular OnStar assistance and Ford’s FordPass. So with this in mind, why have they invested in a tech company?

Well a deal was made between Ford and Pivotal (a software and cloud-sharing company) last year and the result was a three year software development partnership. But just recently, Ford have invested $182.2 million in the company to help expand the mobility of big data within Ford, and assist the American company in further developing the FordPass software. Ford wants to deliver the best customer experience possible and they believe that the big investment in Pivotal will enable them to do this.

The customer experience that Ford wishes to offer includes car sharing, maintenance and the finding of car parking spaces. There is a lot of technology involved in cars these days and Ford have recently stated that the Ford F-150 pick-up truck is comprised of around 150 million lines of code whereas a smartphone has 12 million.

So as Ford put their CIO Mary Klevorn on the executive board at Pivotal, it is clear that the investment is after some serious results from the San Francisco based company. We are sure that the investment will definitely help Pivotal who have already been instrumental in the creation of the FordPass. But, what Ford must do, is spread the FordPass across the world instead of keeping it in America. We are sure they have the funds and can hire the staff to do so too.

Either way, we are looking forward to what can be achieved by the Ford and Pivotal partnership…