Ford in Trouble for Emissions in Mexico… 0

Ford-in-Trouble-for-Emissions-in-MexicoThe emissions scandal saga is never ending and this time, it is Ford who is in trouble with the authorities. Although they are in trouble over emissions, it is no way scandalous as of up till now and, it must be reiterated, that there has been no apparent cheating either. So what has happened?

Unlike companies such as Volkswagen and Mitsubishi, Ford has been fined solely by the Mexican environmental agency. Profepa, the environmental prosecutor fined Ford for $1 million dollars as a result of a lack of documents concerning certain vehicles emissions and noise pollution statistics. 4,690 Ford vehicles are apparently missing this documentation which therefore resulted in the fine.

Ford Mexico has stated that they are unclear why this has occurred but, human error would seem to be the main reason behind the disappearance.   Although there are spehave no other major worries related to this specific case. The vehicles all complied with the Mexican emissions laws, so no other fines will occur and the company will not have to face the inevitable consequence of a bad environmental and cheating reputation like Volkswagen.

The owners of the vehicles need not worry as no recalls need to be issued. Instead, Ford will just have to issue local authorities with the required paperwork. It is a very simple case in the world of emissions and scandals and has basically been dealt with already. All this story has shown is that even the biggest companies can sometimes make very simple mistakes.

All that we hope is that this one very simple mistake has not been copied around the globe by Ford. Because although a $1 million fine from one country isn’t too much for Ford, that price could rapidly rise if the mistake has been made in multiple other countries.

It might therefore, be worth warming the printers up now…