Ford in China 0

Ford has spoken of China’s current traffic crisis, saying that they should embrace electric cars. More and more Chinese cities have become over crowded with congestion and Ford has urged the Chinese Government to implement measures to prevent it.

A staggering 350 million people are expected to move to Chinese cities over the next twenty years. This will effectively make the traffic and air quality much worse off. Ford believe that the adoption of electric vehicles in order to prevent the mass amount of pollution.  Ford also believes that technology which helps driver avoid traffic and find better parking spaces. It is estimated that 20 of the world’s most populated cities are in China. Clearly strong measures need to be taken about such drastic traffic levels.

A statement from Bill Ford read “Unless we change something, we’re going to run into a huge problem of moving people in the major cities around the world, particularly in China. I was in Beijing yesterday and the air quality wasn’t what I would consider great.”

So how does China encourage more electric vehicles? The Government needs to bring about more electric power charging points around the country. Sufficient power grids also need to be put in place and cleaner fuel needs to be utilised around generation plants, Ford have claimed. Traffic with clean electric cars is much better than cars that are polluting.

By the year 2020, vehicles in China will be over 200 million it is estimated. Special traffic technology needs to be developed in order to counter such tremendous volume of cars. Bill Ford said “The technology to deliver electric vehicles is here today. If those issues are addressed, then I think the electrification of the Chinese auto fleet can and will happen and that will have a measurable impact on air quality.”

Vehicle ownership restrictions have been put in place in the major cities of Beijing and Guangzhou in order to reduce the amount of congestion.

Ford is hoping to heavily expand their business in China in the near future, given its tremendous potential. Around 15 new vehicles and 20 new engines will be introduced into the country by the year 2015. Ford currently operates five plants in China. They intend to build on that in the upcoming years in association with their partners.