Ford Have Pulled Out of Electric Range Race Already… 0

You can argue that Ford has either pulled out of the electric range race or, you could argue that they were never in it. Either way, Ford has insisted that they are not concerned with its rival companies who are competing to create an electric car with the furthest range.

Ford does not believe that this challenge is necessary at this moment in time. So, it is fact that they are going to release a new Ford Focus with extended range but, they are competing with themselves rather than any other company. The Focus available now, has a range of 76 miles which is one of the worst in the market. But, the new model will have around a 100 mile range which, they believe to be perfect for day-to-day drivers. With a 100 mile range, the Focus will compete with its closest rivals. The new Focus will also feature a DC fast-charge option too. So what Ford are focusing on, is improvements to an already much loved car.


So why are Ford not going to compete? Well, they believe that it doesn’t really matter. It has been argued that price and range are the two biggest selling points on electric cars. But the range only accounts for breakdown worry rather than anything else. As well as that, with more battery range, comes a bigger and more expensive battery. This contributes to the high prices of long range electric cars. Ford, on the other hand want to make a cheaper battery so it keeps the prices of the car down; therefore, it’s perfect for families. An effective and efficient car which families can afford, that is Ford’s pathway with the electric car.

There are worries that Ford will fall behind the rest of its rivals by deciding to not compete in the range race. But, with the news dating back from December 2015, we are fully aware that Ford are investing $4.5 billion into electric cars so don’t expect them to fall too far behind…