Ford Have Apple and Google in Mind for Their Future Business Plans 0

Ford is one of the major car manufacturers and provides a variety of cars. From the Focus to the Transit Van and the i8 supercar, at every automotive level, Ford is there for its customers. So, with a record amount of sales last year, it can be argued that Fords current business model is working. But, the company have cleverly set their sights on the future by including a plan to deal with the Google and Apple threat to the automotive market.

For Ford now, the manufacturing of vehicles is only part of what the company does. The market has rapidly moved towards customer satisfaction and specifically for the automotive industry, towards how a customer can be satisfied alongside quick mobility.

So as a result of Apple and Google, Ford has become more motivated and has shifted more focus to not only the product, but upon how the customer experiences and interacts with the product. The autonomous car, which BMW is experimenting with, is one step to this and the other, will be seen with the ‘Ford Pass’. The Ford Escape for 2017 will be the first vehicle of the fleet to utilise ‘Ford Pass with Sync Technology’. This feature will allow the owner to remotely unlock, start, locate, discover parking spaces and help with general mobility assistance all via an app on a smart phone. It is therefore evident that Apple and Google both have Ford worried about the future.

There is reason for Ford to be worried too. The automotive industry is estimated to be worth £1.6 trillion and, when other grounded transport is added, i.e. motorbikes, taxis and Uber, then the total is worth around £3.8 trillion. So of course, many companies want to put their fingers in that big delicious pie.

Although, it must be stated that Ford has said that they will not be undertaking any ‘contract manufacturing’. So, they will only team up with the likes of Google and Apple in order to create an automotive project as a team. This being said, Apple recently hired former Tesla Vice President of Vehicle Engineering and Aston Martin Chief Engineer Chris Porrit to undertake, what we can only guess, is a leading role in the Apple car.

Either way, Ford seems to know where the industry is heading, and has therefore suitably equipped themselves with a business plan for the change that will occur in the future. We are sure here at Servicing Stop that Ford will do very well in the future through the planning undertaken today.