Ford GT becomes fastest ever production car after clocking 216mph 0

Ford has released the full spec sheet for its GT supercar; in the top-speed section a hefty 216mph has been listed. This makes the GT, the fastest production vehicle ever to wear a Ford badge. Propelled by 647bhp at 6,250rpm and 550 pounds-feet of torque at 5,900rpm, the hugely anticipated supercar does not look like being a disappointment.

“Our expectation has always been that the EcoBoost V-6 would perform exceptionally well in the Ford GT — both in terms of power as well as aerodynamic efficiency,” said Dave Pericak, global director of Ford Performance. “We tested and developed this powertrain through the Daytona Prototype race car that ran in IMSA for two seasons, last season racing with Ford GT. We are extremely pleased with how it performs, both on the track and on the road.”

The Ford GT weighs 3,054 pounds; fluids would add 100 to 200 pounds. Its power to weight ratio however, clocks in at 4.72 pounds per horsepower. This comfortably puts the GT between what the company regards as its two main competitors, the McLaren 675LT and the Ferrari 488.

Ford has now started production and delivery of the GT. At present, there are plans to limit production to just 250 a year. The first 500 units were allocated to the first section of a waiting list of 6,000. Last year, the company announced it would prolong production by an extra two years, through the 2020 model year.

The GT is priced around £320,000.

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