Ford GT Applications Are Now Closed 0

A while back, we mentioned here at Servicing Stop that Ford was making an application process for those who wanted to buy the new GT Supercar. We mentioned back then that there was an overwhelming amount of applicants for the vehicle. Now that the applications are now closed, we can take a look at how many people applied for the vehicle and what will happen next in the process.


We stated before that there was to be an estimated 7,000 strong applicant base and, we weren’t too far off. Ford received a total interest of 10,800 but, only 6,506 applications were fully completed. Therefore, Ford will have to choose a lucky 500 applicants this year and then 250 year on year after. This is an amazing amount of people who want the car, which is estimated to cost in the region of $400,000. It has been reported that 32 percent of the final 6,506 applications were completed in the last six days. There were so many applicants that  Ford even created a public plea section whereby written letters, images and videos could be sent in as an attempt to increase chances of success. Many people sent in their life stories, edited videos of car races and engine noises, light shows and even images and videos of their children to entice Ford to give them the new GT.

Ford has stated that they will let the lucky 500 know if they have been successful in the next 90 days. The car is reportedly 95 percent complete with only weight issues to be dealt with. Other than that, expect the carbon fibre sports fitted with a 600 + hp EcoBoost V6 engine to be the talk of the motoring world for some time. Good luck to those who have applied.