Ford Granada 1985-1994 Review 0

We know that the Ford Granada is long gone but it was a classic.We take a look back at what made the car so great and how it set Ford to release exceptional family cars of today, such as the Mondeo and the Focus.


There was plenty of space in the car making it one of the best family cars available at the time. The head and leg room offered throughout was quite immense. The storage space in the boot allowed tons of room for shopping and luggage. Rivals at the time had a very tough task in matching the vast amount of space within the vehicle.

Behind the wheel, the driver had easy access to all controls. They also sat comfortably in a great amount of space, as you may have already guessed.

Anti-lock brakes

When released in 1985, it had anti-lock brakes fitted in every model. This was quite significant news as this was the first European mass produced car to receive such an instalment.


The car’s price back when it was released offered great value for money considering the amount of equipment and reliability in which the car offered. Owners considered them grateful and were not disgruntled about the price.

On the road

The car had a decent amount of agility considering its large size. The handling within the car didn’t bring about many complaints. The accuracy of steering on the car increased as the speed does.

The car wasn’t known for its blistering speed but it did have a decent acceleration considering the class of the car. The car’s speed on the road did the job and would have been enough to satisfy most owners.

The V6 engine had the potential to reach a top speed of 122 MPH.


It was a great car while it lasted on the UK market. It lasted a number of years and was eventually UK based only.  Eventually the car’s prime had slowly worn off and production was ended. As mentioned before, it did pave the way for Ford to have such a large stake hold in the family car market.