Ford Fusion production move brings 4000 jobs to the USA 0

American Ford Jobs are set to surge. The company are moving operations from Mexico and other parts of the world to the USA. This was confirmed in our earlier report as one of the factors that allowed strike action to be called off.

Harley Shaiken, a Labour Professor was quoted to have said “Jobs have been a central goal of the union in this round of negotiations. Ford, which is the most advanced in its recovery, is a natural for this kind of job.”

To be more specific, the operation of the production of the Ford Fusion may be transferred over to the USA, in effect creating 10,000 automotive  jobs in its American factories.

In bringing the production of the Ford Fusion to the U.S.A from Mexico, 4,000 jobs alone could be created. This car in particular would represent a significant move for the company as the Ford Fusion is the currently the top of the charts in terms of Ford sales in the country. 168,929 cars have already been sold from January to August this year, beating last year’s figures between the same periods by 16%. Altogether in 2010, 219,219 Ford Fusions were sold. At present it is the only middle sized SUV vehicle that is not produced in the USA.

Ford seems to be one of the automotive companies that have clearly directed themselves away from trouble to a major extent. Some results have been much better than expected. Ford made $4.95 billion in the first half of 2011 and a total of £9.28 billion from over two years. This is a considerable turnaround from the loss of $30.1 billion in 2006. They managed to avoid bankruptcy during this period too.

This will come as great news to employees of Ford America. Shifting major projects is exactly what they negotiated along with a number of other terms and conditions.  Ford jobs are set to expand thanks to the development of the Ford Fusion. Will the effect spread to the UK where the Ford Fiesta is consistently the bestselling vehicle? First is thing is first, they still have a long way to go in keeping workers in the USA happy.