Ford for the Filthy Rich 0

The Ford F-Series has been one of the best selling trucks ever sold in the United States and Ford to further the trucks sales further, will be introducing the next generation in the up and coming months. The new F-Series will certainly have many features but, what is most interesting is the addition of its new interior.

Ford for the Filthy Rich

Ford, in their most luxury high end models of the F-Series, will be offering a new Super Duty interior vinyl as an option on all trim models. Ford has stated that the new vinyl will be far thicker and more durable than the previous version yet will clean in the same manner.  This will therefore allow customers to experience the luxury of Ford’s F-Series, whilst also having the comfort of not having to worry about the state of the interior.

Ford will allow for customers to pair the super duty vinyl with many other options including wood trims, leather upholstered massaging seats and a panoramic sunroof. This again demonstrates the mix between luxury and durability.  Ford has in fact gone one step even further with this new luxury vinyl by installing clips for removable floor maps. This will therefore allow for easier cleaning, whilst also allowing for drivers to switch between carpet and WeatherTech mats for different occasions.

The new vinyl will certainly make a huge difference for those who rely on the F-Series for day to day life. The deterioration of the interiors in previous models have been at points catastrophically bad, so with this change, Ford must be hoping that the F-Series will sell even better than before.

The top model will sell for around $75,000 when it is released in the coming months. This is why we have stated that the vehicle will be a hit for the filthy rich… Get it?


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