Ford Evos to debut at the USA 0

The Ford Evos is set to be showcased in America for the first time.

The spectacular looking concept car took the automotive industry by storm when official images were released back in August.

When it was showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, it received plenty of praise from motor fans and expert journalists alike.

America will now have the pleasure of seeing the car, at the Las Vegas 2012 Consumer Electronic Show.


Our last article on the car, named ”Ford Evos -the start of a new generation” was mainly based around the look of the car. The technology in which it has to offer is a main reason why the car has received so much attention.

Paul Mascarenas, the Chief technical Officer of global Research and Innovation team for Ford America, said the Ford Evos “adapts” to the driver, making a very special car indeed. He said “Today, drivers have to adapt to the features and capabilities of their car,”

“The Evos concept changes the paradigm of how you interact with your car. Our vision is that the car should seamlessly adapt to the driver taking the driving experience to a whole new level of personalization and convenience.”

How does the car adapt to driver requirements? The cloud technology within allows the driver to connect to their home and work life. Personalised settings are stored within on a server which is based on what is known as a “cloud”, allowing a variety of personal preferences to be set. Habits, patterns and behaviours are recognised and stored on your personal cloud.

Meetings, in car entertainment preferences, switching from electric mode to fuel and much more is able to be easily identified according to the driver by the sophisticated car technology.

The Ford Evos doesn’t just cater for personal needs, it also looks out for your health too. The cloud has a pollution monitor so that the driver can taking less polluted routes and feel as comfortable as possible. There is also a heart rate monitor which allows the car to adapt to the driver’s level of excitement.

Cloud based technology is revolutionary and will make the driver feel as if the car was customised to them. Car technology really doesn’t come much smarter than that.