Ford Escape to get new seating plan 0

The Ford Escape is set to receive a new seating design within the cabin ready for the 2013 model.

The SUV will now have seats that are made of lighter materials but are made to be more comfortable. Ford has said that the front seats will made 10% lighter. This will be done using laser welding techniques, strong steel materials engineered plastic along with implementing other sophisticated methods. At the back, passengers will get a reclining seat for that extra bit of comfort. The driver’s seat will have an advanced 10 way power system.

The lighter seats will also naturally make the car weigh less and enhance the performance.  Not only that but they will improve the car’s fuel economy too.

Whereas many other car manufacturers are specially focusing on increasing green technology and the car’s performance, Ford seem to be making that extra bit of effort to meet consumer needs. Comfort is an essential component in cars within the Escape’s class. Improving the relaxation and comfort of passengers and the driver is essential, according to Mike Kolich, a seat comfort engineer for Ford.  He said  “People are spending more time in their vehicles and continually touch the seats, which is why it has become increasingly important to ensure their seat is both comfortable and supportive,”

“We are designing our seats so when drivers and passengers arrive at their destinations, they are relaxed and ready to go.”

Mike Kolich continued to say how the office chair industry is a template for how car seats could be designed.

“The office chair industry is one of the major industries we’re looking at in terms of construction, materials and durability,”

“If you look at the advancements in office chairs from the 1960s – when luxury meant big, puffy cushions – to where they are now, with thin, ergonomic chairs that still feel luxurious, it’s definitely a major change in the way seats are designed.”

The seats, which will be made at the companies Louisville Assembly Plant, won’t just stop with the Ford Explorer seats. Every Ford model is expected to get newer generation of comfortable seats.

Is this a gap in the market which Ford is exposing? We’ll have to wait and see whether the new lighter seats will make a significant difference on the car.