Ford Creating Fake Engine Noises to Save Environment 0

Ford has issued a patent in regards to the creation of fake engine noises in order to lower emission levels. The logic behind this move does, as argued by Ford theoretically work, but will it when it comes to reality?

The idea is that the engine noise creator will be made a part of any two or three cylinder engine vehicles. The artificially produced noises will then make the car sound as if it has more cylinders than it actually does. The reason for why this is environmentally friendly, is it will hopefully manage to cut out the bad habit of drivers switching gears too late. When a gear is switched too late then the fuel economy becomes a lot higher.


There is a lot of research that suggests that the most common way people switch gears, is by listening rather than using the tachometer. But when it comes to vehicles that have fewer cylinders, then the noise created by the engine is a lot less and therefore, drivers tend to over rev before switching. So, Ford believe that by making the engine sound a lot louder than what it actually is, then this will be able to change the driving habits of those who over rev.

It does make sense, but isn’t this already in effect in one way or another? It is but, Ford have started that they created their device to work between ‘two directly successive ignition events’. Does this already happen? We think so. Plus, the Mustang and the new Ford Focus RS already has this technology so will it ever become a part of the likes of 1.0L EcoBoost?

Whatever is happening at Ford, it certainly is interesting. At least we can say that they have very innovative thoughts even if they don’t ever materialise.