Ford Can’t Get A Break 0

Ford-Can’t-Get-A-BreakWhen you usually hear this phrase said, you automatically think the worst. This time round however, Ford literally cannot get a break due to the high demand for their vehicles.  This is of course excellent news for the company as an entity on its own, but for the workers, not so much.

Ford in North America usually closes their factories for two weeks during the month of July. This is done so the factory can have essential maintenance and so it can be retooled too. By doing this, they may slow the production of their vehicles, but the highest quality can most certainly be assured.

For July this year however, Ford have decided to keep the factory open for only one week instead of the usual two. This is because of the recent high demand for SUV’s. There will be three factories only closing for a week in order to produce the four SUV’s which have seen an 8.5 percent increase in sales this May. This may has seen the total number of SUV’s sold jump to 305,000. By keeping the plant open another week, Ford will hope to produce another 22,000 SUV’s.

The three factories which will see a smaller closing time will be Louisville, Kentucky; Oakville, Ontario, and Chicago. Ford’s four SUV’s which have had a larger demand of late, are the Ford Escape, Edge, Flex and Explorer. The Lincoln will also have to have extra counter parts created in the Louisville factory as it is also in high demand at the moment. The Louisville production plant must be extremely busy at the moment as it prepares to switch the vehicles it is producing. The Kentucky based plant after the closes, will begin making the new Super Duty F-Series trucks.

As we said before, this is obviously good news for the owners and shareholders of Ford but for its employees, we’re sure that they would have enjoyed a break from their usual schedules…