Ford at the Indian Auto Show 2012 0

We have already talked about Volkswagen’s, Audi’s and Volkswagen’s plans at the Indian Auto Show in 2012, but don’t forget about Ford.

Their plans which have revealed this week for the annual motor show in January 2012 have made it somewhat more interesting more highly anticipated.

A brand new global vehicle

Ford will display a total of 11 cars at the motor exhibition. This is said to include the company’s brand new global vehicle, which expected to cause quite a stir throughout the automotive industry.

Shown off in a magnificent way

The car will be not be displayed in any old fashion however. It will showcase the car’s safety and quality in a unique manner, allowing everyone to know just how great the car is expected to be. There will be a 3D theatre and live shows. An interactive game is also said to be included in the showcase. Have you ever heard of a car display being anything like this? It’s a quite a way to introduce the car to the world, with it expected to go in sale around the world by 2015. We certainly can’t wait for that particular revelation of Ford’s brand new global car.

The interactive game

With the introduction of a crowd based interactive game, you can see that Ford are allowing fans to be involved with their products at the motor show in a very intriguing way. There will be a fully interactive LED screen allowing fans to use motion sensing cameras in order to control a vehicle. Fans can join as a team in order to manoeuvre the interactive car along the virtual world. Sounds fun doesn’t it? It’s a great game where team work is required, with the game prompting the fans taking part to either lean left or right in order to keep the car on the right track.

Figo technology

Fans interested in Ford’s Figo technology will be able to sit inside and watch a short film educational based upon it. The film will be displayed on a widescreen plasma TV.

3D theatre

The 3D theatre at the event allows fans to drive a virtual car. A Ford engineer will be there to assist. Ford’s host of green technology will also be on display, with a touch table allowing fans to get a feel of the quality which the parts possess.