Ford and Toyota combine for Hybrid Technology 0

Earlier this summer we heard that Ford will be joining forces with Toyota to create a new hybrid system for SUV’s (Sport utility vehicles) and pickup trucks.  Ford and Toyota are perhaps the world’s biggest mass production car manufactures.

A catalyst for this particular development was the fact the new carbon dioxide emission laws were recently enforced in the United States of America. By the year 2025, fuel economy must also reach 65.4mpg (UK) for corporate company cars and light weight trucks.

It’s a way of moving forward for both companies. Not just in America, but around the world all car companies must adapt to taking care of the environment, if they are to survive. Their future models must be economical in terms of fuel and eco-friendly. Technology such as this will work in Ford and Toyota’s favour company’s favour to help them develop exactly what is needed to adapt to the future.

Ford has made progressive steps for a number of years, with the “EcoNetic” technology the most recent advancement. It’s installed in many of their cars for better efficiency and as less environmental damage as possible.

The plan is to get the pickup trucks and SUV’s available by the year 2020, in time to meet the deadlines set by Barack Obama. With everything still at such an early stage, prices of the vehicles to be developed are yet to be confirmed.

In car entertainment is also set to be developed between the two brands. It would appear that the days of CD’s inside the car are over, with everything being made digital. Cloud services are deemed as the future with those developments of it being touted throughout the automotive industry. Could this the next step for both companies? That is up for speculation at present as there are little details known about that so far.

Toyota is known as the globes greenest car brand, with the Prius the best sold hybrid car in the world. Pickup trucks are mainly sold in the USA and Canada, with Ford the leading seller for both. With that in mind, it is no wonder that many believe this is the perfect combination out of any automotive companies to go ahead with this particular type of project. In fact Ford’s hybrid systems actually work on licenses presented by Toyota.

The best of both worlds appear to be within the deal. Ford and Toyota look to have struck one of the best partnerships in the whole industry.