Ford adopts “exosuits” to help workers powerlift 0

Okay, so this story sounds like something derived from either Avatar, Aliens or The Terminator.

Ford has provided 75 of its factory workers with “exosuits” to help with strenuous lifting and help prevent against injuries sustained by repetitive motion. The suits have been rolled out to a selection its global workforce, following a successful trial.

The suits, called Ekso Vests, work by wrapping around the worker’s upper body and assist when either lifting or reaching overhead.

One of the recipients of the EksoVest, Nick Gotts, said:  ”I don’t want the EksoVest to ever leave, any job that’s overhead, I wouldn’t work without it.”

Ford’s adoption of the technology is one of the largest yet by a major company. Industry analyst, Dan Kara commented:  ”Everything that I’ve heard behind the scenes says that it’s all very positive,” he told the BBC.

“These [exosuits] are acting like an intermediary between a human doing something and a full-on robotic solution.”

Ford themselves have said that their 2018 injury rate is currently one of the lowest on record.


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