Ford – self driving cars here in 10 years 0

Ford have said earlier this week that auto pilot within cars could be here within 10 years. The great grandson and current boss of Ford, Bill Ford has said that autonomous vehicles are edging that bit closer to becoming a presence on our roads.

Speaking at an international conference, Mr Ford said that computerised vehicle will be here on the road by 2017. The amount of cars on the road will be four billion by the year 2050

Car’s communicating with each other

The autonomous cars will have to contain the intelligence within to deal with driving alongside other autonomous vehicles. This in essence means that cars will be able to communicate with each other (in a more sophisticated manner than drivers flashing lights and putting their hazard lights on). They will be able to anticipate accidents quicker than what a normal driver would be able to. Automatic driving cars will be safer to be in. We have already seen Ford’s that are able to park themselves. This will be a common feature very soon amongst all vehicles eventually if predictions are correct.

Short and long term anticipations

The 2012 Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona was the stage for Ford to explain their vision. This consisted of three phases. This included a short term seven year plan, where car’s would have warning system and autopilot would be available for cars driving within slow traffic.

Thereafter between the years of 2017 and 2025, Bill Ford said that cars will be semi autonomous and in a more clever manner. After 2025, there will be completely autonomous vehicles.

Early designs already being tested

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Bill Ford explained his predictions of eventual autonomous driving. He said “Cars are becoming mobile communications platforms. Right now, there are a billion computing devices in the form of individual vehicles out on our roads. They’re largely unconnected from one another and the network. We’ll increasingly take advantage of the car as a rolling collection of sensors to reduce congestion and help prevent accidents. I’m confident that we will see many of these advances on the road in this midterm period because the early versions are already being designed, and in most cases, tested.”

At the Geneva Motor Show, Ford will showcase technology where their B-Max model is able to notify the emergency services of an accident. Along with self parking systems, it seems clear that Ford is determined to bring about automatic driving in the near future.