Ford’s steady progress in China 1

Ford is one of the world’s most famous car brands, selling extremely in established car markets such as here in the UK as well its home nation, the United States. However the company understand that they have to step up their game in the world’s largest car market, China if they are to topple main rivals General Motors.

Ford’s sales in May

After a slow start in China, Ford is now starting to see steady progress this year. Sales are up by 8 per cent this year when compared to May 2011 with figures hitting 48,608. Much of that was down to good sales from the Changan Ford Mazda Automobile project. Mazda’s technology and knowledge of the Chinese of the car market has been a great help to Ford.

Sales of Ford branded vehicles

Demand for passenger vehicles in China has started to pickup. Ford branded vehicle sales figures hit a brilliant 34,552 which represents a great increase of 23 per cent. That represents great progress for the company.

Jiangling Motors

However it is not all plain sailing for Ford in China at the moment. The American car giant’s joint venture with Jiangling Motors Corp saw sales figures fall 16 per cent in May, with sales figures hitting just 14,056.

Joint ventures altogether

Ford’s joint ventures in China combined managed to hit total sales figures of 224,882 from January to May of this year. That unfortunately represents a 2.3 per cent dip in sales when comparing the same month of last year. 2011 saw a sales mark of 230,068 achieved.

The difference the Ford Focus has made

Dave Schoch, the Chairman and CEO of Ford China have put a lot of the company’s recent success down to the new Ford Focus. He said “The all-new Focus continues to turn heads and set benchmarks in China. The production ramp up for the all-new Focus has gone very smoothly in Chongqing, and now more and more Chinese customers are experiencing the all-new Focus at one of our more than 400 dealerships throughout China. In addition to its great looks, safety and fuel economy, the new technology in the Focus, including voice-activated connectivity in Mandarin, has been a key sales driver.”

15,000 Ford Focus’ were sold in May to the Chinese automotive market. Many believe that the future of Ford is looking bright in China.