Dropping the price of oil won’t slow down Green Car sales – Ford 0

mustangThe executive chairman of Ford Motor Company has said that dropping the prices of oil will not discourage consumers from purchasing fuel-efficient vehicles.

Ford is a company who are very keen on developing green automotive technology. Bill Ford, who is the great-grandson of Henry Ford will continue to follow that vision.

He said that the news regarding a drop in oil prices is a good thing and saves the customers money but the future vision for the company relates to something different. He said the aim is to provide vehicles that offer an enhanced fuel economy together combined with greater performance.

Ford in the Middle East and Africa

This was mentioned whilst Mr Ford was speaking in the United Arab Emirates this week.  Ford has recently created a new business unit to provide their vehicles in the Middle East and Africa.

2015 Ford Mustang on the world’s biggest tower

Recently the 2015 Ford Mustang was seen for the first time in the Middle East. It was neatly displayed on the world’s tallest tower named the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. This was a pretty amazing way to celebrate the car’s 50th anniversary.

The car was able to make it up to the peak of the building in a Hollywood style fashion. There were people workers in black ops clothing going down the nearby buildings

This was certainly a statement of intent by the company that they are taking the Middle East and African markets very seriously.

A change in thinking needed

Bill Ford was also speaking about congestion, a problem which is worsening in many major cities around the world. He said that a “leap in thinking” was needed in order to develop technology that would counter congestion.

Mr Ford stated that continuing to develop and sell automobiles is not correct approach anymore. The automotive industry needs to re-think their strategy, according to Ford. He stated that future cars could communicate with each other by sending signals regarding any traffic, allowing vehicles to find alternative routes based on that information. The Governments of the world will have vital roles to play in all this but these developments are at very early stages at the moment.